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Lightning Chat empowers your users to instantly send and receive messages to each other from within a SharePoint Team Site environment. Like other instant chat tools, SharePoint users can send and receive instant messages when they are online, but from within the context of SharePoint which encourages the use of SharePoint. The Lightning Chat will increase productivity amongst your teams by avoiding lengthy back and forth emails. Using SharePoint Team Sites to host a instant chat tool, the focus of the team will still be the team collaboration tool of choice for your organization and will increase the user adoption of your SharePoint investment.


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SharePoint users can see which of their colleagues are online and within the Team Site environment. Message their colleagues using the simple to use interface.


Lightning Chat Web Part


Lightning Chat Properties

Chat Rooms

If multiple discussions are taking place within the Chat web part, Chat rooms can be created allowing your users to have a more focused discussion chat room.

Private Chat Rooms

Private Chat Rooms allow a private instant messaging conversation to occur between two or more users within the Lightning Chat Web Part.


The Lightning Chat web part is easily configured using the web part properties. The web part properties allow for the configuration of the scope of the instant messaging tool.


Messages can be archived allowing users to only seeing messages within a particular time period.

SQL database

A Microsoft SQL database is used to store the instant messages which provides high performance along with portability and scalability.


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