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In our previous blog post we showed you how to setup an external content type for crawling, searching, and how to create a profile page.

Business Connectivity Services Profile Pages, Crawling and Searching

By default the Search Results page will use the External Content Types Title property to decide which field to display as the title of each BCS search result. But by default SharePoint Designer 2010 does not set this property for you – which means if you do not have it set your search results will look something like this:

Search results with no title property set

Notice how the title of the result is the name of the aspx profile page.

If you want your search results to have a nice title, make sure in SharePoint Designer you set the Title property for one of your columns. You do this by selecting the field in the fields list, and clicking the Set as Title button in the ribbon

Set External Content Type title 


Or if you are building your external content type using Visual Studio 2010 add a property to it.

<Entity Name=”Department” Namespace=”AdventureWorks” Version=”″>
            <Property Name=”Title” Type=”System.String”>Name</Property>

When you have set your Title property redeploy your external content type, and run a crawl again. After that if you make any search it will set the search results title with the appropriate title column value.

Search results with BCS title property set

If you use BCS Meta Man you are lucky as we automatically set this value for you, which you can then change later if you want.


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