Introduction to new series for BCS Error Debugging – SharePoint BCS Error

In this new series of blogs we are going to look at common BCS errors and look at how we can fix those pesky issues. My aim is to make it as clear as possible to identify which error you are getting and to find the resolution as effortlessly as possible.

In my examples I will be using a ‘Supercar’ External Content Type, you can download the working Visual Studio project from here, the External System type we are using is just another class in the Model to allow you to work through fixing this without needing to configure anything else.

I am using the SharePoint 2010 ‘Business Data Connectivity Model’ Project Type.

Supercar External Content Type

At the moment we just have two methods but this will expand as we tackle more issues.

One tool I find incredibly useful when trying to debug SharePoint is the Microsoft ULS Viewer , I will be using this to help find out more information when the Web Parts are not quite giving us all the information.


We will also be making use of BCS Tester Man to help diagnose some of the issues we will come across. BCS Tester Man is our open source BCS Test Client to help find the root cause of BCS Issues.

BCS Tester Man

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Tired of getting BCS errors? Why not try… BCS Meta Man

BCS Meta Man provides the ease of use of a drag and drop interface with the power of Visual Studio. It can save you days in time by generating the code required by SharePoint 2010 to read and write back to your External Systems.

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