SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services

We are so happy to be able to talk about our plans for SharePoint 2010!

As you may have heard the Business Data Catalog is being renamed the Business Connectivity Services for SharePoint 2010. This brings with it not just a new name, but some great new features and functionality.

Lightning Tools aims to be the centre of all BCS knowledge and tooling so we’re happy to give you a link and screencast to our new tool that will support you in getting started with the BCS easily:

BCS Meta Man

We’ve also published a number of articles to introduce you to a number of new BCS concepts. We’ll be updating and adding to these over the coming weeks so keep an eye on this blog and our twitter account to get updates.

BCS Support Area

As always if you have any questions about this exciting new SharePoint release and Business Connectivity Services please email us at

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