Add Calculated Columns to your Lightning Conductor

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is now EVEN more powerful with Calculated Columns! Not only can you build rollups across site collections and web applications, and build views without code, but now you can add calculated columns to your views also. The Calculated Columns in standard SharePoint lists are very limited. Using the Lightning Conductor, you can pretty much add any calculation that you want!




You can add or edit calculated columns to any view. This might include a simple concatenation such as Firstname  +” “+Lastname. Or, you can literally use ANY C# based calculation or function. Take the above example whereby we are calculating the number of days you have to complete a task when rolling up from task lists.


Not only can you create the calculated column and then display it in the view, but your formatting and conditional formatting can also be applied to that column allowing you to highlight important data for your users. You can filter on the calculated column as well as sort or group by the result.




The below example shows applying conditional formatting based upon the result from the date calculation.




Using the Lightning Conductor, you can also build multiple views within the same instance of the web part. Below is my Tasks View showing the new Span column showing the number of days to complete a task.




Here are some calculations that you could consider:


Show the Filename and Document ID: [FileLeafRef]+” “+[ID]

Show the Filename and Content Type: [FileLeafRef]+” “+[ContentType]

Add Hours to a Date Time: [Created].Value.AddHours(2).ToString(“YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM”)


You could even apply formatting as part of your calculated column:




Which would result in:




This new function is available today! Existing customers with support and maintenance agreements can upgrade their Lightning Conductor 2010 or 2013 web parts. Contact to find out how. Want to trial the Lightning Conductor? Download the trial from:



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