BCS Meta Man for SharePoint 2013 (pre-release)

Meta Man for SharePoint 2013

Lightning Tools has been providing connectivity tools for Business Data Catalog and Business Connectivity Services for the last six years. The last version was BCS Meta Man that was an add-in for Visual Studio allowing you to connect to external data sources such as Oracle, ODBC, or SQL without having to write any code. The problem was, you still needed Visual Studio!

Dmitry, Michael and Phill at Lightning Tools has been working on a new version of Meta Man primarily for SharePoint 2013. The new version runs independently of Visual Studio and is run as an executable.


Meta Man will be able to connect to all the same external data sources such as Oracle, SQL, Access, Web Services and now OData. Users of Meta Man will also be able to plug in their own data providers.


Meta Man is so simple to use with the new look and feel. But, why not let you be the judge of that! Watch the video pre-release today! https://lightningtools.com/meta-man-pre-release/