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Lightning Tools SharePoint Smart Watch Released (free today only!)

Lightning Tools are proud to release their new product “The Lightning Tools SharePoint Smart Watch”

The chaps here at Lightning Tools have been busy all year developing a BRAND NEW product! This time, it’s not an add-in, web part or tool that you would couldn’t do without like all the other Lightning Tools products. This time it’s hardware in the form of a wearable SharePoint smart watch!

We surveyed a few SharePoint Guru millennial’s and asked them what SharePoint was missing in their opinion. The result from our survey came in quite quickly from this lady who was fed up wearing her DIY Smart watch. No other Off-the-shelf smart watch gave her the integration with DeliverPoint, Lightning Conductor, Social Squared, Lightning Migrator, Lightning Chart, Data Viewer or Meta Man that she was looking for.



Figure 1 – A Very Happy Lightning Tools SharePoint Smart Watch Customer



The features of the Lightning Tools SharePoint Smart Watch are endless and include:

1. Enforce SharePoint Governance. If the wearer of the watch (which would be mandatory), were to attempt to access an area of SharePoint such as Team Site, Document Library or File that they do not have access to when logged in as another user, they will receive a small electric shock until they release the mouse button. (Slap off the wrist!). This would ensure that even if the user logged in as somebody else with higher SharePoint privileges, the SharePoint Smart Watch would not be fooled!

2. Migrate To The Cloud. The SharePoint Smart Watch has a built in motion detector. Simply pointing to a document library on the screen, and then raising your hand in a fast motion towards the sky, will automatically send the contents of the library to the cloud. Confirmation of success is visual with a small puff of smoke to indicate the library has been migrated to the cloud.


3. SharePoint Error Message Integration. – The SharePoint Smart Watch is programmed to know when SharePoint displays the words “Working On It…” During these times (which can be boring), The SharePoint Smart Watch will set your Smart Watch Home Screen to a cute puppy dog picture. (because there is a need for that!  If it detects the words “Something Went Wrong…”, the SharePoint Smart Watch will pulsate in order to lower your heart rate, but then realise it is a good sign and that SharePoint did in fact wake up in time for your presentation and will automatically refresh the page via a REST call to display SharePoint in its full glory. Should a Correlation ID be generated, An email will be sent via your watch to The email will include the correlation id with the words “I have an error” to Lightning Tools support. Don’t worry, the log file won’t be sent along with the email!

4. Ask Jeremy – Since most “Personal Assistance” features from other well known brands of smart watch are not that intune with SharePoint, The Lightning Tools SharePoint Smart Watch has the Jeremy Personal Assistant which can answer any of your SharePoint questions in one of three English accents.

If you order today, Lightning Tools will also send you a free Mini Roll. The Mini Rolls come in a variety of flavours but you can choose only one. It’s possible to have more than one. But you can only choose one!


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