Lightning Chat Web Part gets Private Chat Rooms!

Lightning Chat Web Part gets Private Chat Rooms!

In October last year Lightning Tools released an instant messaging web part for SharePoint called Lightning Chat. Just like the instant messaging feature in Facebook, Lightning Chat provides “in-context” instant messaging for users within a SharePoint environment. This provides them the capability of discussing topics related to the team site or workspace containing the chat web part. For example, you may engage yourself in a discussion about documents or tasks that have been assigned to you. This means that there are less messages of this type clogging up your email inbox, and communication among your team members is increased.

Our latest release (Version includes private chat rooms. If you need to have a discussion with only specific members of your team site, you can provide them with the details of a private chat room which other users will be completely unaware of.


Once the chat room has been created, users who have access to the private chat room will see it listed within their list of rooms.


You can download the Lightning Chat web part as a trial from: