Lightning Conductor 2013 Web Part

The Lightning Conductor 2013 web part provides cross site collection and cross web application content roll up for SharePoint 2013 without the requirement for development work or administration work.

If your business uses SharePoint Foundations 2013 or above, you can make use of the Lightning Conductor 2013 web part to rollup your SharePoint content.

Frequent uses of the Lightning Conductor 2013 web part include the ability to display content such as ‘My Tasks’, ‘Rollup Documents’ or ‘Top ten announcements’ as well as being used for Web Content Management pages.

Multiple views can be used to display SharePoint 2013 content within the same instance of the Web Part meaning that SharePoint business users can access their rolled up content simply by checking the view that they want to see without having multiple rollup web parts on the same page.

The below image shows how the multiple views of the Lightning Conductor can be selected by the end user.


As you can see in the above image, you can also setup multiple levels of grouping within the views. For instance, when you are rolling up Task lists from multiple site collections, you can group by the Priority of the Task as well as the Status of the Task. Building the views is simple and doesn’t require any coding. You can simply check all of the columns that you wish to display, set the order of the columns, and configure filters and grouping without writing any code at all.


There are times when you require more flexibility with the views. For instance, you may want to apply branding to the Lightning Conductor Web Part for an external face SharePoint site, or provide functionality other than displaying the content within a grid. Therefore, the Lightning Conductor 2013 web part also provides the ability to create JSON or XSLT views. There are some XSLT views available with the product out of the box such as our Calendar view. The Calendar view can display SharePoint Calendar list content within a calendar view. This is similar to Calendar overlays except that you can aggregate as many calendars as you like even across multiple site collections.


Other views include an announcements view, and Discussion Board Posts view for rolling up from the SharePoint Discussion board.

If you are worried about performance, don’t be. The Lightning Conductor provides caching for the aggregated content and allows the caching to be configured via SharePoint Central Administration.


You can download a 30 day trial of the Lightning Conductor 2013 Web Part from here:



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