Lightning Tools partner with SharePoint AMS

Lightning Tools are very pleased to announce that SharePoint AMS have joined our partner program. For us, we see this as a great symbiotic relationship with SharePoint AMS and Lightning Tools having many mutual clients that benefit from each other’s products. On top of this, SharePoint AMS have a very experienced SharePoint consulting arm called Invenio with whom Lightning Tools have provided some products as part of their engagements.

SharePoint AMS offer products specifically aimed at SharePoint. The top selling product is a Shopping Cart Ecommerce Module for SharePoint. This is one place where two of the companies products really come together. With the SharePoint Cart facilitating B2B/B2C ecommerce activities and enabling easy management of purchases through SP, Deliverpoint provides the client with simple permissions management and reporting functionality, which is vital when dealing with product specific permissions.

Sean Bordner from SharePoint AMS goes on to say ‘Our success is based on one simple truth; we do not try to be all things to all people.  What we do, we do very well – the rest is left to companies that excel at what THEY do.  Deliverpoint is a great example of how our mutual customers benefit from the Lighting Tools partnership.  A very common scenario is granting access to someone after they have made a purchase – which is automatically handed by the SharePoint Cart (think file downloads, publications, subscriptions or event attendee centers, etc.).  However, our customers have a real need to manage these permissions as they are automatically provisioned.  This is where Deliverpoint fits into the solution ecosystem perfectly.  The SharePoint Cart auto-provisions permissions based on purchases, while Deliverpoint allows our customers to quickly see who has permissions to what.’