Office 365 SharePoint List Rollup


The Lightning Conductor is a SharePoint List Rollup tool available for Office 365 SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint On-Premises.

Using the Lightning Conductor you can aggregate SharePoint Lists from anywhere in your tenant and build powerful views of SharePoint content for your users in minutes and without code.

SharePoint List Rollup views

The Lightning Conductor Add-In for Office 365 can be configured without code to rollup any type of SharePoint list or library. The views that you create can contain calculated columns, multiple levels of grouping, conditional formatting, data formatting as well as many other features. The Lightning Conductor also has built in views such as the Calendar view for Task lists and Calendar lists.

SharePoint Calendar List Rollup

SharePoint Calendar Rollup

SharePoint Calendar Lists and SharePoint Task Lists are great lists to aggregate and show relevant information to your users e.g. Tasks assigned to each user, or high priority tasks. Displaying the content in a calendar makes it very easy to plan when your tasks need to be performed by.

Task List Rollup

SharePoint Tasks Rollup

Conditional Formatting is a great feature of the Lightning Conductor, allowing you to highlight important information.

Document Library Rollup

SharePoint Document Library Rollup

There are many scenarios that can be applied to a document library rollup such as ‘Documents Checked Out to Me’, and ‘Documents last modified by me’. Using the Lightning Conductor you can build these powerful views in minutes.

Configuring the Lightning Conductor Add-In for SharePoint List Rollup

The first step is to Create a View from within the Lightning Conductor Add-In

SharePoint List Rollup

You can set a name for your view as well as set the type of aggregation (Client Side Object Model or Search), as well as the type of view to display (GridView, XSLT or JSON). The next step is to select the content source if using Search e.g. Documents

SharePoint List Rollup

You can then select the columns that you wish to display, and apply sorting/filtering options as well as calculated columns

SharePoint List Rollup

Finally, you can configure the data formatting, conditional formatting and other view properties

SharePoint List Rollup

Conditional Formatting is also easily applied to any row of data returned in the Lightning Conductor

SharePoint List Rollup

The Lightning Conductor offers outstanding performance when aggregating content. Using the Lightning Conductor you can display the performance statistics to determine how long the content will take to be aggregated. Below is a screenshot of rolling up 500 documents in less than a second.

SharePoint List Rollup

See the Lightning Conductor Add-In in action in the below video: