SharePoint Aggregate Document Libraries

SharePoint Aggregate Document Libraries

In this post, we will learn how to aggregate SharePoint Document Libraries from across multiple site collections with the Lightning Conductor Web Part.

Aggregating document libraries is useful to your business, so that you can see documents from multiple document libraries that contain certain metadata, or have a particular property set. Scenarios such as ‘All Documents that I created’, ‘Documents that I haver checked out’, ‘Documents created in the last x days’ are all very useful and can be achieved without code using the Lightning Conductor.

To rollup document libraries from multiple site collections:

  1. From within the Lightning Conductor Web Part, click Create View.
  2. Set a name for the view, such as All Documents Created by Me.
  3. Select the Data Source Tab, and select your query scope. e.g. Which Site Collections, Sites or Libraries that you would like included within your query.
  4. Set the List/Item Type to Document Library.
  5. Click the Columns Tab to setup your view.

SharePoint Aggregate Document Library

Now that we have defined the query as to which document libraries to include within our content rollup, we will build the view by specifying which columns to display.

  1. Select the columns that you wish to see. For example Name, Created, CreatedBy, File Size and Version.
  2. Set the Display Format for each column (Isn’t that easy compared to doing it in XSLT)

SharePoint Aggregate Document library File Size

  1. Create a filter to filter the results.
  2. Click the Filter Icon next to the Modified By Column.
  3. Set the Modified by column to equal ‘Me’.

SharePoint Aggregate Document library Filter

Finally, Click the Display Tab. On the Display Tab, you will be able to configure pagination, summary functions,  Grouping and Header settings.

  1. Click the Group By Folders in order to allow folders to be expanded and collapsed.
  2. Check the Show Document Icon
  3. Set the linking column to Name so that users can open up documents.

SharePoint Aggregate Document Library View Config

Your Document Library Aggregation is complete! You can now view and filter documents which are aggregated from multiple site collections.

SharePoint Aggregate Document Library Complete

See how to configure the above in a short five minute video!

Download a free trial of the Lightning Conductor from:


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