SharePoint Weekly #14

Welcome back to SharePoint Weekly. There was a bit of a gap between issue 13 and 14, plus a change of location! Putting together a list of good articles was taking nearly an entire afternoon each week, so I’ve decided to simply pick the top 5. Also publishing on a blog is easier than maintaining an email list so I will be posting SharePoint Weekly on the Lightning Tools blog from now on.

Here are this weeks top 5 articles

Critical Path Training’s SharePoint 2013 RTM Setup Guide for Developers
The guide all developers have been waiting for! Remember Office 365 [Preview] is now an alternative to dev against if you just want to do SP 2013 apps

Is Your SharePoint Secure – What can the hackers really get?
Is your SharePoint site public facing? If so you need to read this!

Beware! SharePoint 2013 RTM apps bug/gotcha with SPHostUrl parameter
Beware of this bug/issue if you are building apps for SharePoint 2013

Hybrid for SharePoint Server 2013
To the cloud! Or may be just half to the cloud. Either way if you are interested in hybrid scenarios for SharePoint 2013 download this resource pack and take a read

Article: Request Management in SharePoint Server 2013
I was lucky enough to see Spencer talk about Request Management at a SUGUK meeting. Must read.

If you have written something you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the future, or you have read something you think others should – drop me an email at and I’ll check it out.



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