SharePoint Weekly #15

I’m looking forward to SharePoint Saturday UK tomorrow – although it is taking another weekend away from Christmas shopping! Here are my article picks for this week!

Introducing SharePoint Emulators
Unit testing SharePoint code has always been tricky. The Visual Studio team has created a set of Emulators that allow you to create Fake shims that implement the basic SharePoint object model behaviours. Thanks to Simon Doy for the link

What Will Be The Impact On Enterprise Cloud Computing (and SharePoint) If Eventually Goes Belly Up?
Interesting point of view from Jeff Cate. No doubt we have lots of pro-cloud writing these days so it’s nice to see alternative thinking. I certainly won’t be buying any stock for the time being!

SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab Guide stack refreshed
Need to build out a 3 tier SharePoint 2013 farm and show all the new features and tricks? These guides will be for you!

Automagic Managed Properties in SharePoint 2013 search
Paul Hunt gives us an overview of what’s been improved with managed properties and search in SharePoint 2013

Sharing Content in SharePoint 2013
An exciting feature or an organizations nightmare! Jennifer Mason gives us an overview from the end users perspective.


Hopefully you enjoy reading those – if you spot anything good next week ping me an email at


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