SharePoint Weekly #17

Sorry all, this was supposed to be posted last Friday but we had our ‘Start of 2013’ company meeting and so that took priority! This is also the first SharePoint Weekly of 2013 so there are a few links to catch up on!

SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Version Comparisons
Microsoft have released a complete list of functionality available to the various versions of Office 365 once they have been upgrade, and on-premise installs of SharePoint 2013.

Shredded Storage and the Evolution of SharePoint’s Storage Architecture
A great history lesson on how various versions of SharePoint stored your data and how shredded storage in SharePoint 2013 works.

Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2013: What’s new and changed
As a follow on from Spencer’s series on multi tenancy with SharePoint 2010, Spencer has provided an update on what’s new and changed with regards multi tenancy and SharePoint 2013.

Introduction to the Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) in SharePoint 2013
This is an older article from Wictor, but recently linked to – and as it’s very good I wanted to link to it.

Using PowerShell to Manage SharePoint 2013 Online
Gary Lapointe has written a great article to introduce you to the Powershell cmdlets for managing SharePoint 2013 online.

Upgrading Your jQueryUI Custom Theme
Not SharePoint specific, but if you are using jQuery and a custom theme Marc Anderson has a great tip on how to update your theme at a later date.



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