SharePoint Weekly #18

Bit of a developer slant on this edition of SharePoint Weekly. You administrators and power users need to get writing more!

Why we picked SharePoint 2013 social over Yammer social for right now
The messaging and product positioning of SharePoint and Yammer is still mixed, but organizations can’t wait and some need to decide what to do. Jeremy Thake goes over why AvePoint choose SharePoint 2013 social features rather than going for Yammer (for now). A good list of pro’s and con’s of each option.

Using JSLink to change the UI of a SharePoint list/view
Chris O’Brien continues his in depth look into new SharePoint 2013 options open to developers.

Sticky Footers in SharePoint
As you see this more and more on web sites, people obviously want to do it in SharePoint. Randy Drisgill shows us how.

Customizing the SharePoint 2013 Developer Dashboard using custom scripts
Stefan Goßner shows how to customize the Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013.

SP 2013: Some new Delegate Control additions to the SharePoint 2013 master pages
I often think delegate controls are overlooked as a way to customize the UI. From my experience they are really powerful and people need to know about them. Tobias covers some of the new delegate controls in SharePoint 2013 UI.

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