SharePoint Weekly #21

Some good links for you this week:

Creating SharePoint lists with Excel data using Access 2013
Want to get data from Excel into a list? Access 2013 offers up another way of doing it.

Antivirus and SharePoint 2013
If you are deploying SharePoint 2013 you will want to know what your Antivirus options are.

Customising the Content Search Web Part – Part 1 – What you get in the box
There’s going to be a lot written about the Content Search Web Part as it is such a bit part of SharePoint 2013. Martin Hatch gets us going with his first of 4 articles.

Building your first Provider-Hosted App for SharePoint using Windows Azure
Part 1
Part 2
The last 2 links are actually from the same series. Well worth a read if you are building SharePoint Apps. If you want to try out a Provider Hosted App – check out our Social Squared Beta App.

At some point I’m hoping to get around to writing about how we handle the multi-tenancy issues with our Social Squared Beta App.


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