SharePoint Weekly #22

Relatively quite week in Google Reader this week – still managed to pull out a few good things for you all…

Now Available: Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012
Woot – the RTM (or whatever you want to call it) release of the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 have made it.

Building global navigation in SharePoint 2013
Cross site collection navigation in SharePoint has always been painful. Waldek shows us how things are easier (although a little code still needs to be written) with Managed Meta Data and SharePoint 2013.

Durandal meets SharePoint 2013.
With Provider Hosted Apps (and Auto-Hosted to a certain degree) in SharePoint 2013 we can use whatever crazy technology and implementation we want to build our solutions! Rainer Wittmann shows how to Durandal to build a Single Page Application SharePoint 2013 App.