Social Squared V9 gets Forum Permissions and Instant Messaging

Social Squared provides your business with Enterprise Discussion capabilities within the Microsoft SharePoint environment. Your business will benefit from the most up to date social features enabling better communication and team work throughout the organization.

User of SharePoint, especially those that work remotely feel part of the team and get involved in everyday company communication.

Version 9 of Social Squared has two major new features which include instant messaging along with Forum Group and Forum permission settings.

Instant Messaging

As well as having the ‘New Topic’ and ‘Reply to Topic’ functionality, users now have the benefit of exchanging instant messages with their team members. Your organization may use other instant messaging functionality such as skype. However, the benefit of Social Squared instant messaging is that it is incorporated into the SharePoint platform. Whilst working within a Team Site, you can engage with other team members who happen to be online, or send messages to users while they are offline ready for their return. The instant messaging functionality reduces inbox clutter within your mail system and allows for better team work as well as SharePoint user adoption.




The chat window floats on the SharePoint page allowing for it to be moved, resized or closed. Emoticons, User Profile Images and Date Time stamps display within the chat window. To engage in a new conversation, simply click the user who happens to be listed in the Users pane which can be displayed or hidden at the click of the Chat button.





Social Squared uses a Microsoft SQL database repository which proves stability and performance over other SharePoint list based discussion forums. This architecture allows for the forums to be displayed and used in different SharePoint sites that may be in different Site Collections or Web Applications.

Prior to Version 9, if you wanted to keep some forums secure, we would recommend having two instances of the SQL database for complete isolation between two different forum instances. With version 9, you can now configure the permissions for each Forum Group as well as each Forum within the Forum Groups. Social Squared uses a Deny permission allowing you to specify Users or Groups who will not have permissions at all to read the posts. A Read permission option provides users or groups with read only, along with the default permission which allows users to Create and Reply to posts as long as they have permissions to access the site or page hosting the Social Squared web part.



Social Squared V9 can be downloaded as a trial from:

SharePoint 2010 version:

SharePoint 2013 version:


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