Social Squared version 8

Social Squared V8 – Brand New Styling

Social Squared is our Discussion Forum for SharePoint designed with large teams of users in mind. The Social Squared forum web part provides everything that your users have begun to expect from an online discussion forum, and have the benefit of it being hosted by SharePoint.

Our Social Squared product provides users with the ability to post topics within forums and reply to the topics created by others users. The SharePoint Discussion list offers this as a basic function, but Social Squared goes way beyond the SharePoint Discussion List, offering functionality such as Lock Topics, Sticky Topics, Moderation, Voting, Post by Email, Reply via Email, Abuse reporting, RSS Feeds, Custom Branding and much more.

This version of Social Squared provides a brand new look and feel to the Web Part and the associated settings pages as well as a brand new web part in addition that shows the most popular topics. The below image displays the Social Squared Forum Web Part with 3 groups of forums, and summary information for each forum.


When you enter a forum, you are presented with summary information about the topics within that forum, which includes the average rating of across posts, the number of views per topic, number of votes and when the latest post was made.


When creating a post, users will have the ability to use the rich text formatting to create a professional looking post, as well as options upload attachments, insert videos, emoticons and tables etc.


The new Most Popular Discussions web part complements the Social Squared Forum web part allowing users to see the most popular post. This brand new web part sits amongst the other accompanying web parts such as the Social Squared Tagging web part and the Most Active Users.

If you think your organization would benefit from cutting down on masses of emails and encouraging users to share information via forums, download Social Squared for a free 30 day trial: