SPC Adriatics

On May 31 and June 1, 2016, the fourth annual SPC Adriatics, a SharePoint and Office 365 event, will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, and Lightning Tools is proudly sponsoring it. SPC Adriatics 2016 is the largest, most important Office 365 and SharePoint community event in Europe, and it will be the only major SharePoint and Office 365 conference in Europe in the spring of 2016. This premium event will take place soon after the 2016 SharePoint public release. With leading SharePoint experts and speakers, including Spencer Harbar, Vesa Juvonen, Dan Holme, Marc D. Anderson, Sahil Malik, Martina Grom, Mike Fitzmaurice, Brett Lonsdale, Agnes Molnar, John White, Benjamin Niaulin, Paolo Pialorsi, Michael Noel, and many others, SPC Adriatics 2016 is guaranteed to be a world-class conference.

Top 10 reasons why you must attend SPC Adriatics 2016

Incredible price of 80€

SPC Adriatics is a community event, with the conference fee of 80 EUR (which is the early-bird price available until March 31st) which helps the organizers to cover basic conference costs. The goal of this event is to attract as many community members and SharePoint and Office 365 enthusiasts as possible, so we can share knowledge and have a great time together.

Book now for early bird community price of 80 EUR

Top sessions, world class speakers

Top quality sessions delivered by a lineup of SharePoint rock stars and community leaders

More than 30 MVPs, MCMs, members of Microsoft’s Office 365 and SharePoint product teams, and other experts from 18 countries and five continents will guide you through all the changes happening in the IT world now. Participants have the opportunity to attend bleeding-edge developer and IT Pro sessions; business-oriented sessions on current developments; and issues and strategies workshops delivered by the world’s top experts, including the Microsoft OfficeDev PnP team lead by Vesa Juvonen. This speaker lineup is unparalleled in Europe in 2016. To see all these speakers in one place, you simply have to come to SPC Adriatics in Zagreb.

Take a look at the agenda and incredible agenda and speaker lineup

Zagreb, Croatia: What do you need to know?

OK, you get it: SPC Adriatics is the best SharePoint conference in Europe this spring, and it has the coolest speakers. The 80 EUR price is affordable, too. But Croatia? Zagreb? You’ve probably never been there, and you probably know nothing about it, except that it is in the European Union, it is a beautiful country on the Mediterranean coast, and Dubrovnik provides most of the scenery in “Game of Thrones.” Should you really attend a conference there, even if that conference sounds appealing? What are transportation, medical care, and everything else like in Zagreb?

There is a short survival guide, with all things you need to know before you book your travel to Zagreb.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in Zagreb. We promise brilliant sessions, lots of new knowledge, and a great time. Sharing is caring!

Lightning Tools and SPC Adriatics organization team

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