Visual Studio 2012 Tools for SharePoint 2013 Preview 2

Last week at the SharePoint Conference in Vegas, Microsoft announced Preview 2 of the Visual Studio 2012 tools for SharePoint 2013. During my Ruby on Rails presentation I used the previous version and pointed out a couple of places where you would need to open AppManifest.xml in the XML text editor. This was to:

1, Set the start url

2, Set the RemoteWebApplication ClientId to the App Id you registered using AppRegNew.aspx

The good news is that the Start Url is now a drop down box – that you can also type into:

Visual Studio 2012 Sharepoint Tools

You will still need to open AppManifest.xml to set the App Id, although I need to double check whether this is absolutely necessary as it was a bit hit and miss as to whether it was required while I was preparing for SPC.

It’s also nice to see the Permissions and Prerequisites separated off to separate views to keep the tab you are looking at cleaner and simpler. Also note there are new tabs for Supported Locales and Remote Endpoints.

You can get this latest version of the tools directly from the Web Platform Installer.

We will be blogging a lot more over the next few weeks as we discover what else is new – what else have you found so far?


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