BCS Meta Man July 2010 Release

You can download the latest release from here:

BCS Meta Man version

ODBC Support

BCS Meta Man now supports the creation of BCS Models for ODBC data sources. We have a walk through of how to use BCS Meta Man to connect to DB2 here:

DB2 and the Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

We’ll have some more walk throughs of different ODBC data sources coming in the next few days.

MS SQL Server Stored Procedures

BCS Meta Man now supports the creation of BCS Models using Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures for all BCS method types. We’ve created a lot of walk throughs for you:

Business Connectivity Services Model Using Stored Procedures

BCS Model using Stored Procedures with Parameters

Business Connectivity Services Associations using Stored Procedures

Creator and Updater BCS Methods using Stored Procedures

Change to Licensing

Licensing of a product – especially when you want to create a trial version that people can try out – is never easy. We’ve changed how the licensing for BCS Meta Man works, here is what you now get:

1, Trial version – full functionality, works for 14 days. You can contact us for a key to get this trial extended if you need longer to evaluate.

2, Professional version – what you pay for, works forever 🙂

Before the trial version was not time limited, but you could only use 2 ECTs and some of the functionality was not available. By making all of the functionality available but limiting it by time, we hope that everybody will be able to properly now evaluate BCS Meta Man and see how useful it is.


We are already working hard on the next release of BCS Meta Man. If some functionality is missing that you think is important make sure you let us know about it by emailing support@lightningtools.com

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