BCS Tester Man

Testing your BCS Models Made Easy

At Lightning Tools we are working hard on BCS Meta Man to make it the best tool to create models of your external systems so they can integrate with SharePoint 2010. Once you have created your model and deployed it however, it can still be very time consuming to test and debug

The Old Way…

1, Deploy model to Business Connectivity Services

2, Create a BCS External List or add a BCS Data List web part to your page

3, Setup which External Content Type you want to use

4, Find out it errors

5, Start digging through the log files to try and discover the hidden message

The New Way…

BCS Tester Man makes your life easier by bringing this down to two steps

1, Deploy model to Business Connectivity Services

2, Use BCS Tester Man to execute methods on your External Content Type

Check out this video to see how much time it can save you…

BCS Tester Man is a tool we’ve developed to help us with our testing of BCS Meta Man. We are giving this away for free as we see it will be a huge help to others.

Download BCS Tester Man.

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