Business connectivity services introduction at the Sharepoint usergroup uk

Tomorrow evening I am presenting at the SharePoint User Group UK in Manchester UK.  The presentation will be on Business Connectivity Services.  We’ll be covering the basics quite quickly getting everyone on the same page as to what BCS provides you and how it helps solve everyday problems within your organization.  Once we are all on the same page as to what BCS provides, we’ll use SharePoint Designer 2010 to connect to a SQL data source, cover and explain all the options, and then generate an External List. We’ll then look at other options to connect to other data sources.  When would you require to connect to external data using Visual Studio? We’ll wrap up with a brief overview of the Object Model and how you can develop your own custom solutions.

Covered in the session will be:

1. Overview of BCS
2. What’s New?
3. Server and Client capabilities
4. Configuring Search, External Lists, Web Parts, External Data Columns.
5. Connecting to the Data Source with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.
6 Developing custom solutions.

This is going to be an action packed session (80% demo’s).  It will be fast paced, and if you are new to Business Connectivity Services, you are guaranteed to learn a lot.

If you want to sign up to attend, visit this link:

Look forward to seeing you all.


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