Chart Web Part For SharePoint Online
The Lightning Data Viewer is a Modern Web Part that can connect to Lists, Excel, SQL Azure, and other data sources and allows you to display data in an easy to format data grid, or powerful charts such as Pie, Column, Bar, Scatter, and Area.
Data View & Chart Web Part For SharePoint Online: Data Viewer!

The Data Viewer is a powerful, modern, responsive, and dynamic client side web part which can be used in SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, and Microsoft Teams. Using a four step configuration panel, you can connect to, configure, and display data with grouping, conditional formatting, and data formatting in a grid, or build powerful connected charts such as Bar, Column, Line, Scatter, and Area.

Organizations often have silos of data, and different business applications throughout the business serving different processes. With the Data Viewer, you can easily surface the data in SharePoint and Teams with a dynamic data connection allowing everyone in the business to make more informed decisions based upon the information they see in one place.

How will your organization benefit from the Data Viewer?
The Data Viewer saves digital workers a considerable amount of time when they are looking for business data. Often digital workers will need to sign into different applications, and execute reports to find answers to questions they may have. With the Data Viewer, Data reports, charts, gauges, and Treemaps can be used centrally in SharePoint or Teams to save switching applications.
  • Display data in powerful grid views with conditional formatting highlighting key information.
  • Build Powerful charts for SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, and Teams
  • Maintain a dynamic connection allowing unlimited updates of the live data.
  • Simple to configure contextually from within SharePoint & Teams
  • Integrates with the Lightning Conductor and Social Squared products from Lightning Tools for reporting purposes.