Lamnalco uses DeliverPoint

Established in the marine contracting sector in 1963, Lamnalco Group specialises in providing solutions to the marine terminal towage and associated marine service needs of the global oil and gas industry. Throughout that time, Lamnalco has developed a leading position in the markets of West Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe solely or through strategic partnerships designed to deliver the best in international expertise combined with local talent.

Emad Zaid is the project manager behind SharePoint at Lamnalco. Emad contacted Lightning Tools as they had trouble trying to find out who had access to what content across the 12 Site Collections they had setup.

Emad said “We primarily use SharePoint as a Document Management and Intranet Portal allowing us to collaborate on documents and other information throughout our distributed locations.”

Managing permissions across 12 site collections was tedious for the users so Emad set out to find a solution that provided better SharePoint Permission reporting. As well as improving permission reporting for their users, Lamnalco also also required a farm level security view and the ability to perform operations more quickly such as permission copy and transfer.

“DeliverPoint gave me the required functionality allowing my Site Owners and Site Collection owners to have more control of permission management and permission reporting.” Emad continued. “ The copy/transfer permission tool and the farm level view saved me a lot of time. I created a user account and assigned permissions to it. This account has become a template account so that I can now easily assign permissions to new starters across the farm. Alternatively, I would need to assign the permissions manually to each individual which would have been an exhaustive exercise.”

DeliverPoint has not only made their SharePoint Environment more secure but also saved the company time and money by reducing the amount of time it takes to manage users in SharePoint.

“I am a happy DeliverPoint customer and would strongly recommend DeliverPoint to other companies for use in their SharePoint Environments.” – Emad Zaid, Project Manager