Save your users time with the Lightning Conductor Web Part for SharePoint

Lyoness is an independent, country and sector spanning shopping community, connected through one unique Cashback Card. There are 1.5 million holders of the card. Lyoness Dataservice GmbH supplies Lyoness IT services and infrastructure worldwide. This includes their intranet which is hosted on SharePoint which functions as a place for news, events, staff profiles and collaboration. It is a critical part of their business as it facilitates the management of the companies ISO certification and is the platform for project and task management.

Lyoness followed best practices and structure their SharePoint Intranet around seperate Site Collections and Sites, but this lead to staff having tasks spread across many areas. Markus Hendrich, General Manager from Lyoness Dataservice commented:

“We needed to show the assigned tasks to specific users and to see all existing tasks in a simple view over all the projects we manage in Sharepoint. We also needed to be able to filter those tasks in an easy way.”

Lyoness downloaded the Lightning Conductor Web Part from Lightning Tools and found it’s aggregation engine and filtering ability were just what they needed.

“Using the Lightning Conductor Web Part has saved time for the users. Rather than having to navigate around for their assigned tasks they are now displayed in a single view. Going with Lightning Tools has saved the company money as we didn’t have to develop and support our own custom solution” Markus added.