Getting Started
Learn the basics of Lightning Forms for SharePoint Online & SharePoint 2019
Getting Started with Lightning Forms
Learn how to get started with Lightning Forms using the below help videos and documentation. If you need assistance, please contact our support team!

Within this section of Lightning Forms Help, you’ll find video’s and documentation on how to get started with Lightning Forms. We’ll cover the basics so that you know your way around our product.

This page is intended for people building forms with Lightning Forms. If you wish to learn how to install Lightning Forms, please navigate to our Installation Page.

Overview of Lightning Forms

In this video, we’ll provide an overview of Lightning Forms to provide the big picture as to what you can create. In subsequent video’s and documentation, we’ll go into greater depth.

Launching the Design Experience

Learn how to open Lightning Forms and enter the design experience. Learn how to save your design and come back to it later.

Navigate the Designer

In this section, we’ll help you to navigate the design experience of Lightning Forms. You’ll know where to find all the controls from a high level.