Getting Started
Learn the basics of Lightning Forms for SharePoint Online & SharePoint 2019
Getting Started with DeliverPoint
Learn how to get started with DeliverPoint using the below help videos and documentation. If you need assistance, please contact our support team!

Within this section of DeliverPoint Help, you’ll find video’s and documentation on how to get started with DeliverPoint. We’ll cover the basics so that you know your way around our product.

This page is intended for people managing permissions with DeliverPoint. If you wish to learn how to install DeliverPoint, please navigate to our Installation Page.

Navigating DeliverPoint

Within this video, we’ll learn how to navigate DeliverPoint options throughout your SharePoint site including the site itself, and also within lists and libraries.

Overview of Contextual Permission Reporting & Management

At a high level, learn how to use DeliverPoint Discover Permission Reports, and how to manage permissions from within SharePoint Sites, Lists, Libraries, Folders, and Items

Overview of centralised Permission Reporting & Management

In this section, we’ll explore how to report and manage permissions across multiple scopes from the perspective of a Site Collection Administrator or SharePoint Administrator.