Eating your own dogfood


‘Eating your own dog food’ is very important when building a software product. Not only do you use the product in a day to day fashion and therefore see little ways to increase it’s usefulness but you also become excited about it and working on it doesn’t seem such a chore when your own work tasks are being improved and impacted by it.

We’re going this right now with the Lightning Storm Forums on our Connect Site. We’ve used a number of different third party forum/feedback solutions for customers to get help and give feedback – but it feels so much nicer now that we are using our own tool. I’ve already got 3 or 4 tweeks and options I want to include that we’d have never become aware of if we didn’t use it ourselves.

Please do take 2 mins to check out the SharePoint forums on the Connect site, and give them a test using the test forum or ask a question.

The eventual aim is to get running on the Lightning Storm Forum.