Lightning Conductor Views
Learn how to build powerful views of aggregated content using the Lightning Conductor within Microsoft SharePoint or Teams. Use Grid Views, Templates or Adaptive Cards!
Lightning Conductor Data Sources
Learn how to build powerful views of your content using the Lightning Conductor. Use the Grid View Code Free View Designer To select columns, apply formatting and conditional formatting. Built in, you’ll also discover built in view templates such as Tile, Calendar, and Image views. You can also build views using Adaptive Cards and the Microsoft Adaptive Card Designer.

Within this section of the Lightning Conductor Help, you’ll find video’s and documentation of the different types of views that you can create using the Lightning Conductor.

Grid View

Learn how to configure the Grid View including selecting columns, data formatting, conditional formatting, grouping and more.

Use or Create JSON Views

Learn how to use built in views such as the Calendar, Gantt, Tile, Image, and Task views. Also learn how to build your own view.

Adaptive Cards

Discover how to use or build Adaptive Cards to display content in a modern experience ideal for Viva Connections.

XSLT Views

Learn how to use built in classic XSLT views such as Calendar and Gantt, or create your own. Ideal for Classic Pages.

Combining Views

Learn how to merge views together into one single view, even if the content is from completely different data sources.

Build Charts

Learn how to connect the Lightning Conductor to the Data Viewer in order to display charts based on aggregated content.