Apply Style
Learn how to apply styling to your SharePoint list forms with Lightning Forms including Conditional Formatting.
Applying Style to your SharePoint list forms
Learn how To Add Styling to your SharePoint list forms to be inline with your intranet branding, or to apply logic through conditional formatting.

Lightning Forms works with Themes allowing you to tastefully add branding to your SharePoint list forms. Formatting can be applied to almost every control on the form to ensure that the form is intuitive to use and meets your corporate brand. Conditional Formatting also helps to provide visual feedback on important controls so that your users fill the forms out appropriately.

Use the videos and documentation below to design your perfect form design.

Apply Styling to Controls

Learn how to apply styling to your SharePoint List Form controls

Add Conditional Formatting

Add Conditional Formatting to controls to highlight to the user important field or fields that they have not completed appropriately.

Create & Use Style Templates

Create and Use Style Templates so that consistent styling and logic can be reused.