Arrange Your Form Layout
Learn the features that are available in Lightning Forms to provide a powerful, well designed business form.
Arranging Your Form Layout With Lightning Forms.
Learn how to design your form with Lightning Forms. We’ll arrange your fields in sections or tabs, control columns, add sublists, and control the form size.

Creating a well laid out form is critical! We want the forms users to be able to easily find the fields that they are looking for in logically grouped sections or tabs. We’ll combine multiple lists in order to create the one-many type scenarios such as Expense Report with Expense Items.

Use the videos and documentation below to design your perfect form layout.

Form Settings

Using the Form Settings, we’ll discover how to choose the correctly sized form panel, and set other properties for your Form.

Moving & Adding Fields

Learn how to move fields within your form, add and remove existing fields, or create brand new fields.

Creating Sections & Configuring Rows

Learn how to create sections within your form to group fields together, add columns for side by side fields, and create rows.

Creating Tabs

Provide intuitive navigation within your forms using tabs. Tabs can be hidden or disabled in certain circumstances, and we’ll explain how.

Add Sublists

Learn how to insert sublists and sublibraries into your forms in order to display a one to many type join.

Import and Export Your Design

Learn how and why you would like to export your form design and import your design into other SharePoint list forms.