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Getting Started with the Data Viewer Web Part

Learn how to get started with the Data Viewer Web Part to configure connections to external data sources and display data within a SharePoint Page. This tutorial focuses on a Microsoft SQL  Connection using Secure Store for authentication to avoid the double hop issue. Columns are selected so that the view of data can be displayed.

Building Connections between multiple Data Viewer Web Parts

Within this tutorial we build a connection between two Data Viewer Web Parts to replicate the behaviour of the one-to-many relationship in the underlying database. Using multiple Data Viewer Web Parts, you can navigate one-to-many joins within the page.

Configuring Secure Store and Discussing the Double Hop Issue

If your Data Viewer Web Part fails to authenticate with the Microsoft SQL Database that you are connecting to, and you use the NTLM Authentication Protocol for Windows Authentication, you will likely be experiencing the Double Hop Issue. In this tutorial we learn how to overcome the double hop issue by using Secure Store to handle our authentication.

Using the Data Viewer Web Part to Connect to a Business Connectivity Services External Content Type

Within this tutorial, we learn how to connect to an Business Connectivity Services External Content Type, and map the Finder, Specific Finder, Updater, Creator and Deleter methods for writing back to the underlying data store.


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