VideosLightning Tools DeliverPoint Video Tutorials

The below tutorials guide you through some of the most common features of DeliverPoint for SharePoint On-Premises.

Using the links below, navigate to videos to see how you can produce SharePoint Permission Reports, Compare Permissions, Audit Permissions, Comfigure Permission Alerts, and Manage Permissions using bulk operations such as Copy, Transfer and Delete.

SharePoint Permission Report

Use the ‘Discover Permissions’ report within SharePoint Sites, SharePoint Lists & Libraries and SharePoint list items. The Discover Permissions report will help you to identify exactly who has permissions to your content as well as how the permission have been assigned.

Audit SharePoint Permission Changes

Audit Permissions using the DeliverPoint Permission Auditing to find out who granted permissions, when permissions were granted and at what scope no matter how the permissions were assigned.

Compare SharePoint Permissions Between Sites

Compare permissions between two or more site to establish what is different permissions wise between them.

Manage and Report on SharePoint Permission Inheritance

Report and Manage Permission Inheritance on Items, Lists/Libraries and Sites.

Manage SharePoint Permissions in Bulk

Use the Management Features of DeliverPoint to Copy, Transfer, Delete, Grant, Revoke, and Clone Permissions at any scope.

SharePoint Permissions by User

Use the Unique Permissions Report to establish exactly what permissions a specific account has anywhere within the SharePoint Farm.

Uninstalling DeliverPoint

This short video will demonstrate how to un-install DeliverPoint from within your SharePoint environment.

Installing DeliverPoint

This video will explain how to install and configure DeliverPoint for first use.