lightning conductor 2007 web part

The Lightning Conductor 2007 Web Part is a cross site collection web part for SharePoint 2007.  It allows you to aggregate content from any list in any site across site collections. There is no need to author complex XSL files as with the Content Query Web Part, and it is very easy to configure.

The web part has been improved to offer better filtering performance and overall rollup performance. The previous version caused difficulties when attempting to do a nested ‘Or’ or ‘and’ within a filter across columns.  The interface looks similar to the previous version, but the entire logic of the filtering mechanism has been modified.

You can now provide a name to each filter condition, and then build a filter expression. Below you can see the new field called Filter Name and the Filter Expression Field.


Once you have created a name for each filter, you can build your nested filter expression as per below:



To download a trial of the Lightning Conductor Web Part for SharePoint 2007 – follow this link:

**Did you know the Lightning Conductor Web Part was also available for SharePoint 2010 and can even aggregate across Web Applications?  Follow this link for details:


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