Lightning Conductor 2010 V5.2.0.0 Improvements

In hotfix:

1. Ability to expand/collapse groups by clicking on group header.

2. User Presence formatting option for user fields.

3. Configurable ability to show count of items in each group.

4. Fixed the bug related to handling audience targeting.

5. Fixed issue related to import/export LCWP .webpart files.


In hotfix:

1. Optimized process of license checking.

2. Applied German translation fixes.

3. Assigned CSS classes to pager control parts generated by SPGridView display provider.

4. Changed all occurrences of ‘top’ with ‘’ in JavaScript files.

5. Fixed the bug related to multiple filter values provided via web part connections when using object model rollup engine provider.

6. Fixed draft items visibility issue in caching engine when using XSL Style display provider and SPSiteDataQuery rollup engine provider.


In hotfix:

1. Fixed caching engine “Null reference exception” issue.

2. Fixed “Parent Web Title” and “Parent List Title” fields not displaying issue for SPSiteDataQuery engine and when caching engine is enabled.

3. Added en-GB and en-AU resource files to wsp package.

4. Added “Hyperlink (New Window)” formatting option.

5. Added ability to render display control after data retrieving error.


Changes, that does not included in hotfixes:

1. Fixed regression bug related to filtering by content type.

2. Fixed conditional formatting issue for boolean fields.

3. Calculated columns functionality.

4. Ability to display document locked state in document type icon.

5. Ability (for non farm admins) to add additional accessible site collections (by providing site collection url) to rollup source selection tree view.

6. Enhancement in JSON style display provider to specify rendering JS function name.

7. Include XSL style transformation duration in displayed statistic information for xsl style display provider.

8. For choice fields display available values (in drop down) when configuring filtering or conditional formatting for that field.

9. Limited size of icons displayed in rollup source tree view.

10. “No Extension” formatting option for file name column.

11. Some style changes in configure conditional formatting dialog (tooltip for “Add Formatting” button, different background color for new criteria filling row, after adding new condition row clear values filled in controls of new criteria row) .

12. Filter by “All Tags” similar to CQWP.

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