Lightning conductor 2010 web part improvements

The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part is a cross site collection roll up web part for SharePoint Foundations 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.  The web part is similar in function to the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) except for it is available for SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF 2010), you don’t need to configure complicated XSL files and it will roll up from across multiple site collections. 

The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part is now available with improvements over it’s predecessor.  These improvements have been based upon customer feedback and feature requests from our customers. 

The Lightning Conductor Web Part can be configured in three simple steps and only takes a few minutes of your time before you are aggregating content from multiple site collections. The following improvements have been made:


1. Include Custom Columns from any List.  In previous versions of the Lightning Conductor Web Part, we only allowed you to roll up from custom columns if those custom columns were available in every list instance that you are rolling up from.  Now, you can roll up from every list, and choose the source list that contains the column set that you want to include in your rollup.  e.g. If Task list A had a custom column called MyCustomColumn, but Task list B did not.  MyCustomColumn would not be available for display.  However, you can now choose Task List A as the column set so that the custom column will display regardless.


2. Filters are set in the filter toolbar in the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part.  We now offer a way to hide the filter options from users who do not have Full Control to the site that contains the web part.  This means that you can set the filters once and not have them modified by your users.  You may also of course add additional filters using the filter web parts available in SharePoint Server 2010.


3. Remove Columns configuration.  When you have selected all of the columns that you wish to display, the columns are cached, which means if you add a custom column to the source, or change the content type or list type that you are aggregating from, the columns available for selection would be out of date.  You can now refresh the available columns by clearing the selection and the cache.


4. Roll up from a site’s child sites, but don’t include the parent.  It is possible now to select a site and include all sub sites including future sites added.  If you don’t want to include the parent, you now do not have to include it in the selection to roll up from all of its children.


Bug Fixes

1. Configure multiple Lightning Conductor Web Parts on the same page.  A bug in one of the javascript files in the first release of the LCWP2010 meant that you could not configure multiple instances of the web part on the same page.  This bug has been addressed.


2. When rolling up from a Tasks list, you could not filter on a Status column.  This bug has been addressed.


Getting your hands on it:

If you would like to download a trial of the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part, you can download a trial from:

If you only need to aggregate from a single site collection, you can download and use free of charge the Express version of the web part:

If you wish to purchase the product or arrange for a demonstration please email


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