Lightning Conductor Calendar View

Rollup SharePoint Lists Into a Single Calendar View

Within this post, we will explore how to rollup SharePoint List Items into a single Calendar View. The Lightning Conductor is a cross site collection roll up web part that allows you to aggregate content from lists or libraries from any site collection within the current web application.

The Lightning Conductor Web Part has always provided three views to see the content; Default View (The default list view will display), SPGridView (Select your own columns for display without modification to any XML or XSL), and the XSL view which does allow you to design your own view. We have sample XSL files built into the web part, and also some are available from the support section within our site:

Our customers have requested a Calendar view for displaying Calendar List Items and Task List items. Lightning Tools has therefore built a new XSL file which can simply be uploaded to the style gallery via the web parts property pane.

The new calendar view provides you with Day, Week and Month view, and color coded entries depending upon the status of a task.

To begin using the new Calendar view:

1.If you haven’t already, download and install the Lightning Conductor Web Part.

2. Add the Lightning Conductor Web Part to your page.

3. Open the toolpane by clicking on the open the toolpane link.

4. Choose the source by selecting Sites, Site Collections, All Site Collections or specific Lists.

SharePoint Calendar View

6. In the view section, select ‘Chosen XSL File’

SharePoint Calendar View

7. Click the browse button, and upload the XSL file.

8. Click Ok.

The Calendar List items display as shown below:

SharePoint Calendar View

The Tasks list items show as below. The Tasks in green are completed, the red are deferred and the purple have not started. It is possible for you to further customise the XSL and change these colors to suit your own requirements.

SharePoint Calendar View

You can download the Calendar View XSL File amongst the other XSL files from: