Lightning Conductor Web Part

The Lightning Conductor Web Part has undergone some improvements. The main improvement is performance. We have tweaked the Web Part and the Tool Pane to offer better caching of data returned and caching of the crawled Lists, Content Types and Sites within the tool pane. This Caching can be switched on or off depending upon your requirements. Depending on the number of Site Collections, Sites, Lists it could take a while to display that within the data source section below:


To save this delay each time you change the Web Part properties, we can now cache the results by using a checkbox in the toolpane as per the below screenshot.


We listen to our customers no matter how big or small the feature requests are. Many people wanted the ability to switch on or off the column headings within the data grid. This is now available through a check box in the web parts toolpane as well as you can see from the above screenshot.

Within the Web Part we have always displayed the Edit Control Block menu on the title column providing users with the option to click the hyperlink to open an item, or choose the options from the ECB such as View Properties or Edit Properties. This is something that not everyone liked, so this is now optional.


Another improvement is the ability to set the column width for each of the columns displayed, this gives you more control over the display of the returned items. You can see the setting in the below screenshot.


Many other improvements have been made to the web part display since we have built our own alternative to the original SPGridView.

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