Lightning Conductor Web Part Articles and Screencasts

The Lightning Conductor Web Part (LCWP) is a Cross Site Collection Roll Up Web Part that can be used within WSS as well as MOSS.  The LCWP allows you to rollup from multiple Site Collections, and also easily designed your own views without the need of modifying any XML or XSL.  The LCWP also allows you to filter on and display Custom Columns and Site Columns from Custom Content Types.  For the developers amongst you, we have given you the option to also use XSL if required to create your own look and feel.

We have produced four articles and screencasts that show you the Lightning Conductor Web Part in action.  You will find a Getting Started Article, Rolling up Custom Columns, Rolling up Custom Content Types, and Applying Custom XSL. You can find all of these articles and screencasts in the support section of our web site.

We hope you find these useful.

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