Lightning Conductor Web Part – December 2012 release


The Lightning Conductor Web Part has some brand new features as requested by many of our customers. The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a rollup web part that can rollup across site collections and rollup across web applications.

The new features include:

Build multiple views of SharePoint content within the same instance of the web part.

You can now build multiple views within the same instance of a the Lightning Conductor allowing for multiple configurations without having to constantly apply filters or sort criteria’s. The Views can also be set dynamically by passing through a web part connection from another web part such as a Filter Web Part. This makes the Lightning Conductor a very powerful addition to your Report pages and dashboards within SharePoint.


Each view can be configured differently, including the ability to have different Lists or Libraries. Therefore you could be aggregating from Announcements and Tasks within the same web part.

Folder Structure Support

If you are using Folders within your lists and libraries, The Lightning Conductor Web Part will honour your folder structure when you aggregate from those libraries. This is an option that you can enable or disable. The result is that you can navigate your folders within the rolled up content.


Support for Managed Meta Data

The Lightning Conductor Web Part now has full support for your Managed Meta Data. Not only can you display managed meta data columns, but you can also filter on the terms and child terms as per the Content Query Web Part.


Group by – Multiple Levels

The Lightning Conductor Web Part now provides grouping at multiple levels. This would allow for you to group by Status, and Assigned to for example from a Tasks List.

Configure Programmatically

The Lightning Conductor Web Part can now be configured programmatically. If you instantiate sites or pages within SharePoint using code. You can now deploy configured instances of the Lightning Conductor Web Part.

To see a full demonstration of the Lightning Conductor, please navigate to: