Lightning Conductor Web Part – Re-Strikes!

The Lightning Conductor Web Part has undergone some work and bug fixes, and now contains some new features. With help from our customers and consumers testing the Trial solution, we were able to identify several ways of improving the web part. Since this web part is so popular, please keep your suggestions coming for a version 2.

We realised that not everyone wants to get their hands dirty with XSL to do things like hide headers. So using the SPGridView class we have designed a configurable view where you select the columns, change the sort order, change the grouping, and specify the link column.

The selection pane can be seen below:


We also fixed a bug with the Filter, the [Me] keyword and the Date Formatting.

One new feature is to specify your own error message should there be 0 items to roll up.


If you haven’t done already, you can get a trial of the web part from here:


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