Lightning Conductor Web Part – upcoming release

We wanted to give you some idea of the new features we’ve been working on for the Lightning Conductor Web Part. When you are rolling up lots of content from many different site collections it can be quite overwhelming the number of documents or list items that are returned. You can setup ‘permanent’ filters within the web part toolbar, but if you ever want to change these it is quite a few clicks to do so. What we wanted to implement was a quick way for you to be able to dynamically filter the results coming back.

To allow your users to use quick filters it is simply a case of selecting the option within the web part toolbar properties:


Once this is set you have two options for how to filter your information. You can use the out of the box filter web parts that come with MOSS 2007


(click image to enlarge)

or we’ve added the ability to do dynamic filtering based on values you type in to filter on. This is similar to how the Business Data List Web Parts work


The ability to filter in this way will let us show you how you can use SharePoint in a Getting Things Done kind of way – expect that blog post to be coming soon. This version of the Lightning Conductor Web Part is undergoing testing at the moment – we’ll have more news on a release date very soon.

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