Lightning Conductor–Conditional Formatting


Our Lightning Conductor Web Part is a cross site collection rollup web part for SharePoint which provides SharePoint content aggregation from anywhere within the SharePoint Farm. You can rollup SharePoint lists and libraries from across sites, rollup across site collections or rollup across web applications.

Since the Lightning Conductor web part launched for SharePoint 2007, we have provided multiple ways of building a view without the need to write any XSLT. You could use our SPGridView option to simply select the columns that you wish to display, rather than write custom XSLT like you would have to with the Content Query Web Part.

Although the Lightning Conductor web part also allows users to build views using XSLT or JSON, the largest requirement for writing such code was for conditional formatting.

In the next release of the Lightning Conductor which can be expected at the end of July 2013, you will find that you can easily apply conditional formatting to your rolled up content without any need to write any XSLT or JSON.

Using the simple to use interface, you can apply conditional formatting to a single column or entire row based upon a condition. The below example is configuring a rollup from a document library and highlighting in yellow any Microsoft Word documents.


Using this functionality, you could make outstanding task items stand out, new announcements (created today), or checked out documents.

Not only can you apply conditional formatting, but with the Lightning Conductor you can now apply standard formatting to aggregated SharePoint content too that isn’t based upon a condtion.


To download a trial of the Lightning Conductor web part, go to :


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