Revamped LCWP

Those of you who may have tried the Lightning Conductor Web Part a few months back, should maybe download the latest edition.  Those of you who haven’t tried it should!  The Web Part is an easy to use Roll Up web part that rolls up across multiple Site Collections.  If you have experienced Microsoft’s Content By Query Web Part, this is similar but easier to configure, and has that added advantage where it isn’t limited to just the one site collection.

Those of you who don’t want to get dirty with XSL, will find the new Grid View very simple.  Just select the columns you wish to see from the lists or Content types, choose your grouping and sorting options, and then click apply.  To acheive similar results in the CQWP will take around half a day for the experienced XSL developer.

For those who like getting dirty in XSL! Well, we cater for you also.  We in fact offer three views: The ‘Default View’ which looks just like the list itself, The ‘Grid View’ where you select and customize using point and click, or the ‘XSL View’ where we have got you started with two XSL files, but allow you to add more.


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