Lightning Tools’ suite of products represents a transformative extension of the capabilities found within Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises, and Microsoft Teams. Designed with precision and expertise, these innovative solutions empower users by seamlessly integrating with these platforms, enhancing their functionalities and augmenting the overall user experience. Whether it’s optimizing collaboration, data management, or communication, Lightning Tools products serve as a versatile bridge that spans across these environments, ensuring a consistent and enriched workflow regardless of the deployment choice. By seamlessly expanding the horizons of these Microsoft offerings, Lightning Tools enables organizations to unlock unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their digital operations.

The Lightning Tools Product Suite

Lightning Tools offers a diverse array of essential products tailored for Microsoft SharePoint and Teams environments. These include SharePoint Permissions Management for streamlined access control, Content Aggregation for unified content display, Data Visualization tools for insights, Discussion Boards for collaborative communication, SharePoint List Form Design for customized forms, and InfoPath Form Migration for seamless transition from InfoPath.

Lightning Forms
SharePoint Form Design

Customise your SharePoint List Forms to apply business logic, improved layout, custom actions all from within the contextual design experience. Available for Modern and Classic SharePoint Lists.

DeliverPoint Permissions Reporting
DeliverPoint Permissions Management

Easily report, manage and audit SharePoint permissions as a business user such as Site Collection Administrator or across the Farm as a Farm Admin.

Lightning Conductor Content Aggregation
Lightning Conductor

Easily build aggregated reports on your SharePoint list and library content from across multiple sites and site collections.