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22 Aug

SharePoint Groups

Within this blog post, we will explore SharePoint Groups and how they should be used by Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators. Carefully planned SharePoint groups are an effective method of organizing users within your SharePoint sites and site collections, and make it less daunting when trying to manage individual users who need to be […]

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15 Aug

SharePoint Online List Rollup

Do have the need to perform a SharePoint Online list rollup, but you don’t have the time or the expertise to build display templates or XSL views? The Lightning Conductor launched in 2007 for SharePoint On-Premises is available for SharePoint Online so that you can rollup SharePoint lists such as Tasks, Contacts, and Documents from […]

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14 Jul

10 SharePoint Permissions Tips You Need To Know

10 SharePoint Permissions Tips You Need To Know! Are you tasked with managing SharePoint Permissions for your department? Below are 10 SharePoint Permissions Tips you need to know! 1. Clicking ‘Share’ at Site Level behaves differently to clicking ‘Share’ at folder or item level. Clicking “Share” at site level will make the invited user a […]

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6 Jul

Understanding SharePoint Permission Inheritance

Understanding SharePoint Permission inheritance Understanding SharePoint Permission inheritance is extremely important. So, what is permission inheritance? Permission inheritance means the permissions settings on a Site, List, Folder or List Item, in a Site Collection are inherited by its lower level, for example: See image 1 below. The Top-Level Site is the ‘Parent’ site and the sites […]

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9 Jun

SharePoint Online OData BCS

Ever since the launch of SharePoint 2013, Business Connectivity Services supports connections to OData. OData is especially useful within a SharePoint Online tenant as it provides a mechanism to connect to external data that resides in an on-premises server, but you wish to present that data within the cloud. Using SharePoint Online with OData BCS, […]

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Technology in the hands of businessmen
6 Jun

UK Community Day

Lightning Tools are delighted to be hosting the 3rd UK Community Day along with partners Combined Knowledge and Intelligent Decisioning.   REGISTER TO ATTEND   The next event on Thursday 16th June in Nottingham is an Office 365 day. You’ll get a full hands on day with Office 365 learning the benefits of using SharePoint […]

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26 May

Migrate to SharePoint Online

There are many options to consider if you want to migrate to SharePoint Online from an on premises SharePoint farm. Some of the options are more simple, but have restrictions and don’t copy across the meta data, document version history, and properties such as the document author or created date. The options to migrate from SharePoint On-Premises to […]

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19 May

Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is still a great addition to any version of SharePoint On-Premises and also SharePoint Online. Business Connectivity Services is used to make your External Data such as Microsoft SQL Server Databases, Oracle, Dynamics, and many more data sources available within Microsoft SharePoint. Business Connectivity Services is made up of a […]

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16 May

SharePoint Customize Edit Permission Level

One of the more popular SharePoint permissions settings that people look for is to give their users the ability to edit, but not to create or not to delete files. This is understandable as it gives much greater control to the administrators over what users do in the environment, prevents important files from being deleted […]

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