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22 Sep

Lightning Conductor Calculated Columns Part 1

Lightning Conductor Calculated Columns Part 1 The Lightning Conductor is a SharePoint rollup tool which can perform a rollup view of your SharePoint lists within Office 365 SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises. You can build multiple views of content such as Task views, Calendar views, Document Rollups and variations of each. As well as adding the […]

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22 Sep

Lightning Conductor Calculated Columns Part 2

Lightning Conductor Calculated Columns Part 2 This is the second in a multi-part blog post on creating calculated columns within the Lightning Conductor Add-In for SharePoint Online. You can find the first post on the Lightning Conductor Calculated Columns here: Within this post, we learn how to work with the Lightning Conductor to refine […]

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19 Sep

SharePoint 2016 Permissions Guide

SharePoint 2016 Permissions Guide Introduction This SharePoint 2016 Permissions Guide has been created for the benefit of SharePoint site owners, and SharePoint site collection administrators so that they can better manage SharePoint 2016 permissions for their team members. Quite often within organizations, permissions management is de-centralized. By that I mean permissions within a SharePoint team […]

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8 Sep

Deny Access to Users in SharePoint

Within this post, we will discuss the common question of “How do you deny access to users in SharePoint?” A common problem for administrators is ensuring all of their users have access to the resources they need while at the same time preventing users from accessing what they should not have permission to. Below I […]

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7 Sep

SharePoint Online Document Library Rollup

In this blog post, I’ll explain how you can use the Lightning Conductor Add-in to perform a SharePoint Online Document Library Rollup and to display documents with an expanding/collapsing folder structure, using the Search Rollup Engine Provider. Configuring a SharePoint Online Document Library Rollup To configure a SharePoint Online Document Library Rollup with a folder structure […]

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5 Sep

SharePoint Timeline Rollup

The Lightning Conductor v4 has just been released for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online and now includes a SharePoint Timeline Rollup View for Task Lists! The SharePoint Timeline View makes it possible to use more than one single Task list as the source of a Timeline view which is the current capability of […]

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22 Aug

SharePoint Groups

Within this blog post, we will explore SharePoint Groups and how they should be used by Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators. Carefully planned SharePoint groups are an effective method of organizing users within your SharePoint sites and site collections, and make it less daunting when trying to manage individual users who need to be […]

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15 Aug

SharePoint Online List Rollup

Do have the need to perform a SharePoint Online list rollup, but you don’t have the time or the expertise to build display templates or XSL views? The Lightning Conductor launched in 2007 for SharePoint On-Premises is available for SharePoint Online so that you can rollup SharePoint lists such as Tasks, Contacts, and Documents from […]

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14 Jul

10 SharePoint Permissions Tips You Need To Know

10 SharePoint Permissions Tips You Need To Know! Are you tasked with managing SharePoint Permissions for your department? Below are 10 SharePoint Permissions Tips you need to know! 1. Clicking ‘Share’ at Site Level behaves differently to clicking ‘Share’ at folder or item level. Clicking “Share” at site level will make the invited user a […]

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