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Do you struggle to understand SharePoint Permission Inheritance within your SharePoint environment? With SharePoint out-of-the-box, you can tell whether a site inherits permissions or has broken permission inheritance by looking at the Site Permissions page. The problem is that you have to do this for every individual site. The same applies to Libraries and Lists. You would need to check the permissions page of every Library or List to see if permissions are inherited or not. Then we come to folders, list items and documents where there could be hundreds of thousands to check.


With DeliverPoint, you can tell instantly which sites inherit permissions and which sites have unique permissions by simply glancing at the tree-view. Those sites with a full colour icon have unique permissions, and those with a dimmed icon have inherited permissions. Therefore you can spend your valuable time checking the permissions on just the sites with broken permission inheritance.





If you hover your mouse over a site in the tree-view, you will also see the properties indicating whether the permissions are inherited or not and also the site at which they are managed.




Not only can you see clearly which sites inherit and have unique permissions, but you can break or inherit permissions on many sites at the same time. This is done simply by checking the check boxes of the sites that you wish to change, and selecting inherit or break from the context menu.




So, what about SharePoint Lists and Libraries? You can see a list of Lists and Libraries that have broken permission inheritance throughout your Web Application, Site Collection or Site. You can then click the link for each one to manage the permissions for that list.




From within a SharePoint Document Library or SharePoint List, you can produce a report of all folders, documents and list items that have broken permission inheritance. This can be triggered from the DeliverPoint ribbon within the List or Library.




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